Whether it's a dogfight in an F-14 or just a night at the bar, never leave your Wingman behind.

  • Snap case with silicone insert - $34.99

    Black shell/ lime liner Black shell/ teal liner Black shell/ charcoal liner Pink shell/ charcoal liner White shell/ green liner

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase.
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  • Two layer case for maximum protection
  • Tough plastic outer shell with velvety soft-touch coating
  • Reinforced silicone corners for extra drop protection
  • Shock-absorbent inner silicone layer protects screen
  • Access to all ports and buttons

  • slim and lightweightslim and lightweight
  • access to portsaccess to ports


  • Patent Pending
  • Weight: 1oz
  • Dimensions: 2.5in x 5in x .45in
  • Compatibility:

M-Edge Support

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:

Love my new case!

By Carol Y on April 15, 2013

This case is perfect! I shopped online for an entire day before I chose this one. It looks even better in real life. I love the bright cheery colors. The case has a nice grip to it and does not show finger prints, plus the bumpers on the corners give it extra protection. I've dropped my phone once and it was totally protected. My friend had a cheaper case (not from this store) and when she dropped it on the corner the glass broke. I compared it to my girlfriends Otterbox case and it looked much better and so much less clunky. Although it cost a little more than other cases - it's totally worth it! Oh...almost forgot - it fits my phone perfectly.

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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:

LOVE IT!!!!!

By jessica on March 31, 2013

I love this Iphone 5 case because it definitely protects it. Also it is not bulky and its cheaper lol compared to otterbox. In my opinion I give this one a 5/5 love the material soft plastic it doesn't look like it's going to break easily...

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2 of 3 people found the following review helpful:

Best phone case

By Kelly S on March 6, 2013

Looks nice and feels nice. And I really like the color. I've had it for about 2 weeks and no complaints at all.

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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

Good protection

By Steven T.J. Shooks on November 3, 2013

I like the case with it's design and protection method. I get many compliments on it. The only down side is, I feel I paid to much for the case.

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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

Phone case.

By Lori K on August 19, 2013

I love my new phone case. I am most happy with its texture, as it is a non-slip grip. I also love the corner cushions because I am known to drop my telephone on occasion and I feel now, like it is better protected than before. It has openings in the case in all of the right places for ports and the camera. You never have to open it up for any reason other than to clean it real good. I appreciate that the volume button is sensitive which means I don't need to push hard to adjust it. This is truly the best phone case I've owned so far. It has a sleek thin-line look yet has the better protection without the bulky look. I would recommend this case to my friends.

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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

Great cover, very cool and durable to boot!

By Toby D on February 20, 2013

Very happy with this snappy cover from M-Edge, its robust and durable, exactly what I need for my new iPhone 5

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By Jama W on August 11, 2013

Sent it back, color wasn't want I expected. Pretty damn ugly the color was.

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exactly what I was looking for

By Jayme on June 10, 2013

I love this case. It's my first iphone and my first case for the iphone, so I do not have any other product experience to compare it with, but this case is exactly what I needed. The coating on the hard plastic shell is comfortable to the touch with just enough grip that I do not feel like the phone is going to slip out of my hands. The silicone lining and corner pads make me feel like my phone would be well protected if I ever did actually drop it. The size of the case is still small but adds just the right amount of heft to the phone that I like. Before my case came in, I was always extra gentle with my phone, not because I was afraid I'd drop or scratch it but because it was just a little too small and slick for my hand (previous Galaxy S user). The only downside is that the silicone gaps away from the phone just a little on the side where the audio buttons are and on the bottom where the ports are. This does not cause any problems with usage and it's not enough to where the case would come of, it's just enough to notice (hence 4, instead of 5, stars). Now, how about getting some purple or pink colors for the silicone?

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Missed the Mark

By Michelle Van E on May 23, 2013

I loved the fact that the Wingman accentuated the beauty of the new iphone 5 without being bulky and by leaving the apple symbol exposed. I did not like the "stretchiness" of the bottom portion of the case near the plug. After a week of pulling it in and out of my purse, it became permanently stretched out and no longer fit the phone properly. I hoped it would be more rigid. I was very pleased with the company itself though, including shipping, timeliness, etc.

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Didn't seal

By Amber G on May 23, 2013

Most importantly, the case did not seal around my phone screen. It was puckered and could not be flattened. This didn't seem to be a good fit for my Iphone 5 and was also just annoying to look at! Also, the teal color is not what it appears to be on the screen. It was more of a teal green vs. the brighter teal blue that appears here. I returned the case.

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My favorite case

By Meri G on February 22, 2013

I love this case and I dropped my phone yesterday and this case protected it!

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Even better when I paid $5.99 @ Ross

By Holly on December 11, 2013

I found this case at a Ross outlet store and I was shocked by the quality and the price tag so I got it! Right off the bat I can seen the quality in the case. Super lightweight!!! With I being lightweight you would think it is not protective... But it is! The bumpers are in the right place and they aren't thick. Going in and put of pocket is easy and I also went from an otter box commuter. Just as good protection for way way less in my "case"!! Highly recommend this product!

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0 of 2 people found the following review helpful:

Great case

By Niram on June 3, 2013

The white part does stain a little but so far it is not very noticable. the teal bumpers look great and really do the job, i have droppe dmy phone numerous times with no breaking or shattering. the white part is smooth but also has some traction to it when set on a counter/table and the raised bumpers are good for holding the phone without it slipping out of your hand. i will probably get the same case in a different color when i get sick of this color!

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