GO! Jacket

Amazon compatible hinge AND upper/lower elastic straps to secure Kindle device

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase.
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  • Designed for Kindle 2 with luxurious, rich leather
  • Low profile and slim jacket for on-the-go Kindle 2 users
  • Utilizes Kindle Compatible hinge system to hold device in place
  • Jacket allows access to all ports and buttons
  • Solid front & back construction with plush grey interior (brown micro suede interior for Leopard print) for maximum device protection.
  • This jacket is now compatible with the M-Edge e-Luminator2 booklight. Please note: light is inserted into a pocket located on the right-hand side of the jacket. Light does not store in the interior of the jacket. When light is not in-use, it should be removed from the jacket.

Our Kindle 2 customers asked for a slim, compact jacket, and we've introduced our GO! Jacket to meet their needs. This smart case features classic lines and an ultra-slim profile. Even while closed, you'll find access to all ports, so you never need to remove your reader for charging. The M-Edge Accessories GO! Jacket is a sleek case that will protect your Amazon Kindle (2nd Generation) from scratches and dings. It is the perfect solution for the user with a fashionable, active lifestyle.


  • Patent Pending
  • Weight: 8.1oz
  • Dimensions: 8.25in x 5.75in x .66in
  • Compatibility:

M-Edge Support

Saved my Kindle

By Ela on June 30, 2011

My kindle was left outside overnight inadvertently and it rained heavily for most of the night. I was horrified the next morning when I realized what had happened and was already anticipating having to purchase another kindle AND jacket. To my amazement, not only was the kindle in perfect working order and absolutely dry within the jacket, but after a couple of hours of drying the jacket in the sun, it was good to go. It did not blotch or lose any of its color (and it's red.) The only change was that the cover doesn't seem to be as tight, meaning the leather itself. The jacket fits on the kindle exactly as before. I am still in awe of how well this jacket held up under the circumstances and would highly and totally recommend to anyone in need of a jacket.

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Nicer than expected

By Lauren on June 3, 2011

Just put my kindle into its new Go! jacket, and not only does it fit securely, the product is of higher quality than i expected for the price. It is made from thick, smooth leather and feels quite substantial without being heavy. The slim profile adds adequate protection without added bulk. The leather is very high quality and the color is very nice (I have it in Jade- its a nice, modern granny smith color). The Jade coor is standard leather, but I couldn't imagine it feeling better; very smooth and soft. I also like that the interior is plain microsuede. I was worried about other jackets with internal pockets marking th surface. I have wallets, briefcases and purses, etc. for storing important documents- this is just for protecting my kindle. Definitely recommended- and for the price, I doubt there's anything better out there.

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High quality jacket that's very protective of your Kindle

By Ty on December 16, 2010

The GO! Jacket is my primary day-to-day Kindle jacket. I opted for the premium leather finish, which feels fantastic and provides a lot of padding for the Kindle. The elastic straps hold the Kindle against the back of the jacket perfectly, so there's no worrying about the Kindle falling away while attached to the hinges (which could crack the front of the Kindle). A small annoyance is that despite months of use, the spine of the jacket is still extremely rigid, even though I've actively tried to fold back the cover to loosen it. For this reason, you can't have the Kindle on a flat surface in this jacket with the cover open, the stiff spine prevents the cover from staying open. I feel completely comfortable putting my Kindle in a bag with this jacket. Highly recommended, and way better than the official Amazon jacket.

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