M-Edge Capital Jacket

Capital Jacket

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase.
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  • Designed for Kindle (Fits 6" Display, 3rd Generation Kindle) and Kobo with durable exterior and lush grey microsuede interior
  • Compatible with M-Edge e-Luminator Touch booklight (sold separately); stores in jacket's spine
  • Four point mounting system holds device securely in place
  • Large front pocket provides storage for documents and accessories
  • Double closure zipper allows access to charging port without removing device from jacket
  • Jacket folds back and zips closed backward for easy reading

Classic and tailored, the Capital Jacket secures your Kindle or Kobo in sophisticated style. Perfect for travelers and commuters, this jacket boasts an streamlined exterior with plush grey microsuede interior. A four point mounting system securely holds your device. A sturdy zipper closure adds additional security by keeping Kindle and Kobo safely stored in the jacket. The exterior and interior pockets provides ample storage for documents and other accessories. The Capital is compatible with the innovative M-Edge e-Luminator Touch booklight (sold separately), which can be stored in the jacket's spine.


  • Patent Pending
  • Weight: 7.1oz
  • Dimensions: 6.0in x 8.0in x 0.75in
  • Compatibility:
    • Amazon Kindle (3rd Generation)
    • Amazon Kindle Fire
    • Kobo

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Capital Jacket

By Jane on October 17, 2011

I think it is terrific! Keeps my Kindle safe when I drop it.

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Excellent Jacket

By GadgetQueen on September 1, 2011

This jacket has everything. Good looks, zips, pocket inside and out, folds back to be a single cover, slip for light. Would love to have another in black but can't justify buying another the one I have is good as new and I've had it almost a year and use it everyday.

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Needs to be available for more devices!

By Lizz on August 3, 2011

I absolutely love this jacket for my Kindle! I have it in purple, and it is quite nice. Unfortunately, it is not available for my Nook or Nook Color, which is a real shame. I am constantly on the move and require that my jackets zip all the way around for protection. The only ones available for the Nook or Nook Color are the sporty ones in nylon, which I dislike. *SIGH*

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The best jacket

By Lisa Panger on July 21, 2011

Room for the light to zip inside, good quality zipper, nice leather, great colors, holds kindle tight. Perfect jaacket. The only thing I'd improve is to make the zipper tabs able to be pulled from both sides to make it easily zipped in the open position.

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By zoomlens on June 27, 2011

Got it in the original black when it first came out and LOVE it! Love that the light fits inside, zips all the way around, folds back like the Latitude for one-handed reading. Very classic in style and appearance, very portable (I have small hands), and holds the Kindle firmly in place. If it had a place to keep the charger and/or extra AAA's for the reader light, it would be perfect and I'd give it 6-7 stars. The outside sleeve is too small for anything more than a few sheets of paper. Good job, guys!

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Best case!

By Evey on January 24, 2012

I love this case because it not only zips completely to keep debris out, but the light zips inside of the case unlike the other case models. We just upgraded my Husband's kindle and are incredibly disappointed this is no longer available. Please bring it back!

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Very good and nice

By Nuria on January 19, 2012

Very nice. We are very happy with it, we like it very much

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Capital Jacket

By Proud Parents on January 10, 2012

We purchased this jacket for our daughter's Kindle and she couldn't be happier. We purchased it with the e-Luinator book light which fits into the jacket and it is a perfect way for her to get the most use out of her Kindle while protecting it! As Kindle owners ourselves, we had purchased M-edge jackets for our Kindle DX that we loved so we immediately went to M-edge for additional purchase. Service was very good and delivery was okay. (Probably would have been great except we ordered during the Christmas season.) Highly recommend M-edge.

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Good but not Best. I found a solution for the smell

By DKBK on March 1, 2011

Please note: I also reviewed this item on Amazon and just copying the same text here. I decided to buy navy blue MEDGE capical jacket after I use Amazon Jacket without light for a while. I give this jacket only 4 stars. Pros: -I love the zip protecting my kindle while in my bag. -No hinge or clip to put inside my kindle and make my kindle feel dizzy as Amazon Jacket does. -Outside materials is water-resist and beautiful. Cons: -The materials for interior lining of the MEDGE is not as luxurious as Amazon jacket's. It looks good but when you touch it you'll feel the material is cheaper than Amazon Jacket's. -The mountings of lower corners do not hold my kindle securely as I expected. The kindle just sit loosely on them. The upper-corner mountings are elastic straps which securely hold my kindle. At first, I think the four mountings will hold my kindle tightly. But when I dropped it without zipping around, my kindle dropped out of the jacket. The culprits are the lower corner mountings. (I normally drop everything every day, my cellphone, my key, my pen, my purse. If my head is not attached to my neck, I might drop it several times a day.) If the lower corner mountings are elastic straps, my kindle would not fly away from its jacket like this. Luckily, my kindle is safe. I'll give this jacket 5 stars if the lower mountings are elastic straps. MEDGE please redesign this. -The smell The smell is as horrible as everyone complains. However, I used a pouch of dried chinese tea to absorb the smell. It works! Just put dried chinese tea into a cloth-pouch and put it on the inside of the jacket. Put them (Jacket and tea pouch) in an air-tight plastic bag overnight or a whole day. The smell will be reduced or not traceable. Try this before you return this jacket because of the smell.

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Almost perfect cover

By DJ Sky on January 14, 2011

This cover offers topnotch protection for my Kindle. I like that the zipper completely seals the Kindle inside so when I toss it in my backpack I don't have to worry about anything getting inside or it flipping open inadvertently. The booklight fits beautifully inside the cover along the spine so it, too, is well protected when not in use. When the cover is folded back, I initially found it difficult to reverse the zippers but it has become easier after a short "break in" period. The leather is beautiful to look at and feels good. Quality of the overall construction is very high. The cover is lightweight enough that it is not a strain to hold the Kindle upright in my hand. I often flip the cover back and close the zipper on the top and bottom only. This leaves the side open, enabling me to slip my hand in that space and hold the Kindle upright without having to grip it. My only gripe is that the pocket inside is only good for holding a very few pieces of paper, at best, and the outer pocket is too shallow to hold the charger. I found that if I coil the cable flat, I can slip it in the outer pocket without too much trouble but the AC connector is way too big to fit without distorting and possibly wrecking the pocket. My own solution has been to slip a piece of string through the holes in the prongs of the AC and then slip knot the ends of the string to one of the zipper pulls. I kept the string short enough that it dangles but isn't in the way when I read. Having everything self-contained in a single place is important to me. I didn't want to have to put the AC in my pocket or my purse, where I'd be liable to forget it when I needed it most. I'm a voracious reader and often find I have to top off the battery when I'm out and AC outlets are far more available than USBs. In my opinion, that is the only shortcoming with this cover so it rates a well-earned 4 and 3/4 stars from me.

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love it!

By jenndar on January 13, 2011

I love the cover, but I wish the outside pocket was bigger because my charger leaves a large indentation on the pocket. I also wish the zippers were resersible because it is kind of difficult to unzip it from the inside out position.

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Great cover

By krazy4katz on November 27, 2010

Please note: I reviewed this item on Amazon and just copying the same text here. I hope this is OK. I previously owned a K1 with an m-Edge cover that closed like a book. I always stuffed it in my purse and never had any problems, but figured sooner or later I would run out of luck. So, when I bought my K3, I decided to go for a zippered cover that would give more protection. Because I use the illuminator light from m-Edge, I wanted a cover that accommodated the light. I selected the Capital Jacket instead of the Latitude because I liked the idea of the light being inside the cover. Better protection, more convenient etc. This jacket does what I wanted. It is 1 oz heaver than my old K1 jacket, but that is not really noticeable. It is also a bit stiff, but I think it will fold back more easily the longer it is used. I now feel very secure stuffing my kindle in any bag or purse without worry. The light from my K1 fits very well. NOTE: K2 owners -- your light will NOT fit -- it is too long. The one issue I have is that the cover does not zip inside out very easily. This is an advertised feature, but the zippers are not actually reversible and you have to twist the edges of the cover inside out to get this to work. I don't think this is much of a problem, so I plan to keep the cover. All in all, a good purchase!

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