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This product has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase.
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  • Lightweight and compact booklight works seamlessly with most of M-Edge's Jackets for Amazon Kindle (2nd Generation)
  • Light stows in many M-Edge covers and easily pivots up to allow for optimal light positioning. Fully adjustable flexible steel neck allows for fine tuning light position.
  • Powered with 1 AAA battery that provides more than 20 hours of use without dimming (battery not included; alkaline recommended)
  • Optical lens spreads light evenly over Kindle screen, and Super Bright LED light bulb never needs replacing
  • High and low light intensity settings allow for tailored screen illumination

The M-Edge e-Luminator2 booklight (patent pending) is the ultimate accessory for the Amazon Kindle. Based on the input of loyal M-Edge customers, this custom designed booklight has been developed to work seamlessly with most of M-Edge's jackets for the Amazon Kindle (2nd Generation). The powerful light features a super-bright LED light bulb which provides ample illumination for the Reader's screen while a mirrored reflector and optical quality lens disperses the light uniformly.The light is powered by a standard AAA battery (not included) with endurance enough for more than 20 hours of operation without dimming.The light is operated by a three position switch with two light intensity settings. A flexible and resilient steel neck allows the user to position the light in the desired direction. Perhaps the most impressive feature of this light is that it is designed to be stored via a slim support arm sized to match a pocket sewn into the back of many of M-Edge Jackets for the Amazon Kindle. The light pocket is conveniently located behind the Kindle and does not interfere with the use of the e-reader. When in the storage position, the light is located conveniently in the jacket so you can easily bring your light while on the go. For our Latitude Jacket, there is a storage pocket to easily place your e-Luminator2 when not in use.


  • Patent Pending
  • Weight: 0.9oz (without battery); 1.3oz (with battery installed)
  • Dimensions: 4.75in x 7.5in x .5in
  • Compatibility:

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