Weighing just one ounce, the SuperShell won't add extra weight and bulk to your device but will add a ridiculous level of protection from drops and dings.

  • Closed-Cell Foam - $29.99

    Black Grape Pink

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase.
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  • Made from ultra-protective closed-cell foam that helps absorb shocks if device is dropped
  • Finely dimpled texture allows for no-slip grip
  • Openings for rear facing camera and speakers
  • Push buttons for volume and power
  • Allows access to all ports and buttons

  • bounces when droppedbounces when dropped
  • slim and lightweightslim and lightweight
  • access to portsaccess to ports


  • Patent Pending
  • Weight: .8oz
  • Dimensions: 3.1in x 5.3in x .6in
  • Compatibility:


M-Edge Support

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:

Great case; muffled voice

By Melissa D. on June 15, 2012

I love the look and feel of the case. It seemed bulky at first but was so much lighter than the original hard case that I had on before. I haven't dropped my phone yet; I rarely do (knock on wood) but I have no doubt that it would protect it. The design is fun and funky which works well for me and my 3 year old loves the look and soft feel. The only issue that I have had is with my voice to callers on the other end. My husband finally told me that I sounded muffled and much different than I had in the past on the phone. I took the case off in the same phone call and he said it was much better. With the case on my phone I was muffled but understandable where as without the case it is clear as if I'm standing next to you. I imagine this wouldn't be an issue if you didn't know what the person on the other end was supposed to sound like. After looking at the grills where the speaker and microphone are located on the phone verses the access holes in the case I can see where the problem is. The speaker/microphone are on the bottom of the phone near the docking port while the access holes in the case are on the back. This isn't a deal breaker for me because I still love the case and since most of my phone use is texting, email, web browsing, etc I will use the case and take it off during extended phone conversations if it becomes an issue.

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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:

Love my Supershell!!

By Jodi N on June 8, 2012

I've had this for about 2 weeks now and i absolutely love it!!! I've only dropped the phone once (actually my 5 year old did!) and all it did was bounce and land nicely on the ground. No damage done! Thought it was slightly bulky at first, but once I got used to it I decided that I really like it. The color is great (purple) and I've received numerous compliments on it. Would buy again!!! Thanks M-Edge!

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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:


By Betsy A. on June 27, 2012

I love my Supershell! Fun, sturdy, with style!! Check out the "glow in the dark" ones. They are the coolest!!! Oh Yes...I have several M-Edge cases!!

M-Edge response:

Thank you Betsy! We are glad to hear that you like our products! I do want to clarify that the Glow in the Dark cases we offer are the Alter Ego silicone cases. - Jackie, Team M-Edge

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3 of 4 people found the following review helpful:


By Brian H on July 23, 2012

If you have a child or spouse that continually drops their iphone, this is the case for them. Also, my wife loves that this larger case allows her hold the phone on her shoulder so she can use both unexpected bonus.

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3 of 4 people found the following review helpful:

Perfect case

By roadguy on June 15, 2012

Got this case for my wife who loves to drop her iphone! After seeing the video I realized this was the ideal case for her since she has a habit of dropping her phone all the time. The Super Shell is very light and even though it looks a bit bulky the extra protection is well worth it. The bright pink color make it easy to find in her purse which is an extra feature that she likes.

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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:

Nice but a little pricey

By G. Hughes on August 3, 2012

I had one of these for our iPad and feel like it is safe when in it so I got one for my iPhone. It's a little bulky but not bad and worth it if (when) I drop it. I would rate it a 5 star if the price was a little lower. I've paid much less for past iPhone cases so that made this one seem pricey.

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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:

THIS is protection

By NPapendorf on July 16, 2012

First I was a little unsure about the design. But the massive protection is the key success and work für my kids an my iPhone pretty well. By now I have started to like the color and design aswell. I am quiet happy with my purchase!

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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:

Super Shell Rocks!!

By Cindy C. on June 8, 2012

WOW!! At first I was not sure I would like it since it is bigger, but I have not had a slip or fall with this shell. When I first got my phone, the hard cover just was not making it; it would slide out of my hand, I could not put it up to my ear and on my shoulder, I was dropping it too often. Saw this on line and had to give it a try and I am SO GLAD I did. Love the purple but the pink is nice too. Thanks!!

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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

absolutely love my supershell cases!

By Mimi on April 4, 2013

I can't say enough about my SuperShell cases! Love them! We have two iPad cases and an iPhone case. The first iPad case I bought in early 2012 seems much lighter than the second one I bought in late 2012. Nonetheless, they are amazing and stand up to our young children. The SuperShell case has protected our iPads from many, many drops. I am so glad I decided to get one for my iPhone. It is so light and so much better than the much more expensive and bulky cases I have had in the past. It is perfectly shaped and feels so comfortable to hold. People are always stopping me to ask about it. I can't tell you how many times I've demonstrated how it bounces in the grocery store. I have other M-Edge products that I love too, but this one really exceeds all my expectations.

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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

great product

By clumsy mom on December 17, 2012

I just upgraded from a flip phone that I dropped all the time to an iphone. This case is light and very padded and yes, I have already dropped the iphone once and all is well.

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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

Great case!

By Felecia B on July 30, 2012

Speaking as one who often has a case of the dropsies, this is a great case that takes that sinking feeling away as you watch your phone plummet to the parking garage floor. I would have given it five stars but the bulk of the case makes it difficult to store in some situations.

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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

Very good!

By Hilda p on July 18, 2012

It is great! Have not thrown down to test and doubt I will! I do love the way it handles!

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1 of 2 people found the following review helpful:

Perfect for me!!

By Jay on August 18, 2012

Had a more expensive, heavier case when I came across the purple super shell for my I-pad. I love it! I have already experienced the cute bounce my iPad takes while encased in the super shell. As a teacher, I know that my iPad will always be safe, and it's bright color will always make it quickly visible and easy to spot if I set it down.

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By Bonnie on October 30, 2013

I saw my daughters and loved it. I have 5 grandkids that often play games on my phone so I needed it. Its great!!!!

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Perfect for kids!

By Linsey G on August 29, 2013

Lightweight, phone bounces when you drop it. Well worth the money.

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By Rodolfo L on May 22, 2013

excellent product, durable, protects very well

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Almost Perfect

By Stu on April 26, 2013

The case offers excellent protection, but it's difficult to tap the screen on the sides. It would be better if the sides tapered in somewhat.

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Very "mom" friendly

By Darla on April 12, 2013

I'm very happy with my SuperShell iPhone case. It is very light and bulky. (If you are looking for a slim case, this isn't for you.) But I prefer some bulk to my case as I think it makes it easier to hold when talking on the phone. My one year old dropped my cell phone into the toilet just three days after this case arrived. It floated which really saved my phone from getting wet! My headphone piece needed to dry out a bit but no damage to my phone. I have dropped it several times on the concrete outside and the case has really protected my phone. I use the M-Edge Supershell cases with iPads in the school system with special needs students...this case always saves the iPad when our students throw, kick, or toss a device across the room:) I have had people tell me the case looks a bit childish, probably because it is made of foam and thick.

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Unbelievably great

By JulieL on April 5, 2013

I left my phone and wallet on the trunk of my car and drove off, oblivious. After 10 miles of turns, bumps and freeway driving, my phone was right where I left it. I was so relieved. I figured the case would do a great job if I dropped the phone. I never imagined it would do this. This case is amazing.

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The BEST Protection Ever

By A. Williams on March 30, 2013

The sales rep. for my cell phone provider tried to persuade me to purchase an expensive case that would have cost me at least $60. When I requested M-Edge instead, he gave me a short speech for not carrying it, so I went to the car to prove him wrong. When I returned, I was able to catch several customers' attention to demonstrate how reliable the M-Edge is for my iPad, and I had to tell others where to find it. I dropped my device face down and flipped it in the air to let it drop to the ground, and the store manager was impressed. When I stated how the case cost less than $40, several customers recorded the information to order it themselves. If I trust the Super Shell for my iPad, then I have no doubt it will do the same for my iPhone. It is a bit bulky but so are other expensive cases which I have witnessed disappoint several coworkers in the past. Trust me. It's awesome!

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too loose of a fit for my phone

By David P on February 23, 2013

fits too loose on phone - not as snug as I thought it would be we have the super shell for the ipad and it fits great, but for some reason this one didn't

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The best protection

By Jeff F on February 4, 2013

This does the job as advertised. It protects my iPhone from accidental drops.

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Extremely protected and light!

By Mommy of 2 on January 24, 2013

I LOVE this case for my iphone. It is a little wider than other cases at the bottom and difficult to hold in one hand and text if your other hand is occupied by a kid. But, other than that it is perfect. When looking at the bulk of the case it is surprisingly light, lighter than any other case out there. Especially because of the great protection is has to offer. I was nervous about the case not fitting into the phone compartment of my purse but it does. It is also easy to plug into charge and even the extender to dock so we can listen to music. The purple isn't as bright in person and is easy to spot on a counter or even in my purse :) The price is great and it is the perfect case if you want a little added protection.

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Love the Product

By Dreama Marie B on January 3, 2013

Wish the case fit tighter like the iPad case does. The iPhone case fit loosely when I got it and it has gotten so loose that I can't really risk it falling out of the case so I've stopped using it. If the product was improved to fit as tightly as the iPod does then I would not hesitate to purchase another one! I love my iPad case and have used it for nearly a is perfect for toddlers who drop it often!

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Awesome !!!

By Peggy S on January 3, 2013

Bought this as a gift for my son in law and he loves it!!!

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Best Case Ever

By Yvette on November 7, 2012

I love this case. I have dropped my phone a number of times and because of the case it did not break. It is worth the price of not having to buy a new phone.

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Great product

By Lorraine S on August 1, 2012

Great product! I feel my phone is protected

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Happy with cover.

By Dale K on July 18, 2012

Protective aspect of case is great.

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By Erin M on July 5, 2012

Love it! Original.

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Good, but shipping doubles the cost

By weddie on June 20, 2012

No problems with the product at all. It was a simple surprise for my son, and if he can throw the phone around and it survives, then ....! Living in Europe, my disapproval is only in the shipping options. For cheaper products, why not provide a "normal post" shipping? For an item tens of dollars worth, to pay double the amount to have it shipped, is silly. I had so many problems just to pick up the product, since I am fulltime working and not at home during the day. This really irked me (because I knew when ordering this would happen) and almost made me give up the surprise for my son....

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Supershell Case

By Becky on June 29, 2013

I have one for ipad and one for iphone. I want new one for phone a different color. Do you have Royal blue available for cell phone? I'd really love to have that color. I love these cases and have showed everyone I know. A few have purchased cases. And I want everyone to know they work. I've dropped phone and ipad many times and I don't worry because I know case will protect them.

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0 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

Appearance good

By David C Hill on December 20, 2012

Cannot fully review at this time due to none use yet.

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