M-Edge Latitude Jacket Case for iPad 2

Latitude Jacket

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase.
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  • Lightweight jacket with nylon canvas exterior and black jeresy knit interior
  • Molded mounting system holds iPad 2 securely in place
  • Internal structural core material provides generous screen and device protection
  • Double closure zipper allows access to charging port without removing iPad from jacket

Read in the great outdoors while protecting your iPad 2 from the elements with the bestselling M-Edge Latitude Jacket. The durable and easy-to-clean ballistic nylon exterior and soft jeresy knit interior protects your device both when you're reading and after you've put it away. The double zipper closure allows access to all ports, so the device never needs to be removed from the jacket for charging. Not compatible with The new iPad (iPad 3).


M-Edge Support

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Love the latitude jacket

By Barbara milani on June 1, 2011

I love the latitude jacket!!!!!!!! The mounting system is awesome because it let's me use the apple smart cover!!!!!!!!! I gave it 5stars just for that!!!! Could you please make some that are little girlier i would buy several if they cam in different fun colors. White would be awesome to match my ipad2!!! Please please make some fun ones!!!! Thanks bunches B

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Ipad cover

By CL on December 22, 2011

I love the latitude jacket. It was easy yo put the IPad in. I would love it more if it were in purple!

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Ideal jacket for my iPad2

By Takaaki Kaneko on September 10, 2011

As I like my Kindle Latitude cover, which I bought last year, I decided to buy this cover for my iPad2. M-Edge products are not widely available in Japan, so I purchased it directly from them via internet and received it promptly. This is a very well-made, solid and practical cover, and I am very pleased with my purchase. It looks very smart, too. Highly recommended. The only thing is that they are now on sale...

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Love it!!

By Kiki on April 3, 2012

Nice looking, thin, durable, and doesn't slip.

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my M-Edge jacket

By Pearl on February 14, 2012

I liked the M-Edge for my Nook so much, that's why I bought this one for my IPad and the price you can't beat! The best part, is their customer service.THANK YOU!!! Already have you on my favorites!!!

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Great jacket

By DAC27 on October 29, 2011

I love the latitude jackets which I also have for Kindles but u reduced the price shortly after I bought mine...very disappointing.

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Secure case but-

By Geo6000 on June 27, 2011

An excellent case for those who will not be removing your iPad2. If you will be removing your iPad2 regularly like I do, the plastic that holds the edges is very difficult to remove. The design of the original iPad Latitude Jacket is much better but is not suitable for the iPad2 (too loose). I returned my case.

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Love it, but 1 major flaw

By Sue on February 14, 2012

The case is very nice to protect your iPad2. It is a little hard getting it into the plastic holder. The biggest drawback is that you can't use the camera while in case. No hole for the le

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